Jelani is the new head of Nigeria’s automotive council. Born in Nigeria in the city of Sokoto, he grew up with a passion for cars and design. He graduated from Federal Government College Sokoto in 1983 as the best student in Technical Drawing. He earned a degree in Architecture from Birnin Kebbi Polythecnic where he was awarded the best all-round student. the  At some point he decided to pursue his passions by studying automotive design. Having searched around within Nigeria and Africa as a whole without finding institutions which offered programmes in this, he ventured further to the North American continent at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.

When asked what his major challenges were he said, “the weather”. As for others, it was a walk in the park as attested to by the school administration and instructors. He excelled beyond expectations and distinguished himself. Upon graduation, he was employed by General Motors. According to him, they did not ask for his credentials but were more interested in the design presentations that he made. He leads the automobile design division.

He has been appointed the new head of Nigeria’s automotive design council. We do hope he brings all that talent to bear here. Jelani is a sterling example of what belief in oneself and pride in one’s work can achieve. For all of us here in Nigeria, it is a sense of swelling pride.

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