How Well Can You Sell?

How well can you sell?

We Are All Sales Men

One thing people do not realize is that we are all sales men. I have heard people say, “I would never take up a job in sales. I really do not have the composition nor flair for selling. Urgghh!” Without realizing it, the person pitching this line just sold me on how much they hate conventional selling. It was so convincing that I believed them. Trust me I’d never give them anything to sell. They just sold me something, howbeit negative. But is it necessarily so?

Every waking moment of our lives we are selling. You told someone you love blogging and you write every fort night. They ask for your blog address and you send it across with glee. One sale. You sold someone on how well you can make egusi soup. Then they eat your egusi and are sold. They tell people how good your egusi is. Who knows one day, you might even open a diner and since you already have a network of loyalists, your business gets off the ground quickly. You sold your current spouse on how lovable a person you are that’s why they’d die for you. They dot on you, and you do not disappoint them because your “customer game” is strong. You sold your boss on how good you are at Excel and you got that Job. You sold your choir on how well you sing and now you are the lead performer in church. You sell people on how well behaved your kids are and the Okezie’s let them come around for a sleep over knowing fully well their kids are not in the company of loony bins or bullies. The problem is not that you hate selling, you hate selling what they are offering. When you do find something you are passionate about, you will sell it in a heartbeat.

Changing Models

As models change and competition gets fiercer, corporate organizations are looking for people who possess the requisite set of skills to sell them. You see, the company that sells more stays on. It is important that corporate organizations see the need to change their sales model to bring in a fresh pool of people who can sell in this dynamic market.

Every Industry Needs Sales People

Selling is core to every industry. Even government agencies too. They sell to the public sector! If they do not do well, it rubs off wrongly on their administration making their next political run tougher. Sales people are integral to the sustenance of any business. In fact without good sales people, a good company will definitely flounder.

The Good Product Misconception

You see. People believe a good product will sell itself. There is some degree of truth to this. But to what extent is the assertion true. A good product is subjective as truth is relative. How do you gauge a good product? Sometimes a product is only as good as the person selling it. And other times a product is only as good as how it is perceived. Let me use an analogy. Tecno mobile came into the Nigerian mobile market sphere some years ago. When they launched, they started up with a flagship of low-end phones which were no different from the run-off-the-mill Chinese phones which was already proliferating the market. Eventually, Google released the Android operating system. They decided to go the android way and in so doing improve on specs. This they did successfully. Today, they have an array of high end sophisticated devices but… In fact they used to have their name emblazoned on the front of these phones but one day, poof, it was gone. Why? They realized people didn’t want to be immediately identified with a Tecno device. If you saw me using one I’d rather that you were left in a quandary as to whether I was using a more appealing status brand. Very illusory right, but who cares. It’s about the image man. This however is beginning to change as they have consistently proven themselves over the years. Some other brands came into the market and didn’t have this problem because they came ready. Perceptions. Now this does not mean that your product has to be trash and people would buy based on psychology. However if you have a reasonably good product and you sell it passionately, people will get sold.

Mistakes Corporations Make

Companies are also making a huge mistake. They are getting their sales people pool from people who possess certain qualifications. This is the main criteria for selecting potential sales people. But sales has nothing to do with qualifications. Well yes it does depending on the context in which qualification is used. I have had bank sales people come to me to sell a certain account and the moment they spoke, I knew I want interested. On the contrary, I have seen an itinerant sales person approach me and without opening his mouth, I waited eagerly to hear what he had to say. It’s not that he looked better than the other corporate guy, he just had a sales persona and carriage. He communicated with me before communicating.  Get passionate people! Do you really need a degree to sell? Does a corporation need a degree to succeed? Yes they need an education but do not mistaken an education for a degree. Passion people.

The How

Boss Complex is starting a hashtag #howwellcanyousell. The idea is to get people to do a sixty second video pitch of them selling anything they desire. For instance you could pick up a remote control device and sell it to us in sixty seconds. Let it be catchy. People would most likely choose items which they have a real love for. This implies that they would know everything about that item as they love it so much. It will be like taking the proverbial cookie from a baby. Participants are required to go to our facebook page (@thepitchSixty) and do a live stream post with their mobile device. Or better still, record and upload to the site. They would also be required to tag the social handle of the brand in question and any other brand they are targetting. If the brand likes the video, they would be required to comment “Acknowledged”. Now the brand is not under any obligation to take on anyone based on the video. However if they do, they must work with our team to finalize. We are trying to reshape the HR recruiting model. We call it Social HR. Major Recruiters are watching. Get noticed!

Written by Kevin Akaniru
Kevin is a technologist with an avid interest in business. He is the founder of The Boss Exchange: An exclusive entrepreneur/professional club. He can be reached on +234 803 663 7262