Never in the history of Nigeria has there been a burgeon of intellectual industry. There is a new generation of Nigerians who are making the proverbial head, turn. Yes they are emerging from their cocoons like shy maidens just erupting sensuously…but they are not shy. They are bold and making very big statements all over. From the western hemisphere, to the sand dunes of the north, and the rich tapestry of culture and trade in the east, Nigeria is not in lack of dream chasers.

The term dream chasers in a certain context seems to connote people chasing some pipe dream. But in this case, it is a case of people making dreams happen. This is a hallmark of the dogged Nigerian spirit. In a recent post, we featured Jelani Aliyu, the amazing automotive design engineer who was just appointed the new head of the Nigerian Automotive Council. He is just one of a million wannabes, and people actually living the dream.

Lagos used to be the “Centre of Excellence” (literally). Not until recently when talent began to pop up across the federation like a ripe cotton field. I was having a brainstorming session recently with a progressive entrepreneur. It broached the subject of Mobile money and how it could be harnessed to reach the unbanked especially for a certain market niche which the big industry players had not tapped into. They are a new mover with all licenses and a sound business model. They were already brokering new partnerships which would give them leverage over existing players in the field. You see, in the reader’s subconscious, they are already visualizing this meet in a posh office situated at Ikoyi. But no, I was in a small office situated in the Garden city, Port Harcourt. Dline to be precise. This is an area adjacent to the computer market (Ogbunabali), a replica of the computer village at Ikeja. I quickly noted that this place was housing and incubating great startups. Quiet and unassuming, people were churning out innovation and industry in this geolocation. It is the Silicon valley of the south.

We happened upon a startup Kowork NG. It is an office co-working space business. They just set up shop here in Port Harcourt at G.R.A. and they mean business. We will be bringing you an exclusive piece on this new startup. All over social media are young people dreaming and doing. Much like the dot com era which made billionaires like Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google and Jerry Yang and David Filo of Yahoo! incorporated, there is a killing to be made. If you are young, if you are smart, and most of all, if you have the dogged Nigerian spirit, it is a wonderful time to be alive. Align yourself, e go blue for ya side.

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