Don’t install all those apps! Install One Hub

Don't Install all those Apps! Install One Hub

One Social. One Market. One Soccer. One news. One Hub.

Since smartphones came into the picture, our appetite for apps has grown tremendously. We are like the proverbial hunter who went in to hunt game and killed so many he couldn’t carry them all home which became his undoing. But that’s a fairy tale right? But hey, don’t take it from me. The consequence of this is that we have to match our humongous appetite with adequate performance i.e. phones which can handle all that multitasking simultaneously and not run out of memory and storage. But is that not the real illusion. You get the new device and you are good for a year and then you are right back where you started off.

Now apart from the fact that apps impinge on our device performance and take up valuable storage, apps need to update on the regular, generating so much data and taking up needed bandwidth. Those annoying updates no one wants! Sometimes we just like our apps how they are but tell that to Mark Zuckerberg.

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Sometimes you do not have to reinvent the wheel to solve a problem. It’s just a matter of rustling up some creative “grub”, and everyone goes to bed happy! Lensys Advance just built an app. The app’s objective is “To be the go-to platform for everyday utilities.” Nothing fancy. Just a simple app making your life a teeny bit bearable.  What they’ve done is to create a hub more like a virtual OS within your own OS which serves you your everyday app mobile optimized without your having to install the app itself except for one or two exceptions.

Well, this is not all One Hub is about. The main functionality of One Hub is the dynamic directory of artisans and professions. It enables users to sign up and list themselves/what they are proficient in. This creates a mobile platform for people to sell their skills. The unique selling proposition is the feature which enables you to connect with people within your geographic location who render services you might need.

We have taken the liberty of including some snapshots for your perusal. More enhancements are being made to the application. It’s still in its beta phase. This is a pilot test and users are welcome to suggest improvements to the current build.

Download link:

Download link:

Download link:


Home Screen

The app is currently built for android 4.4.2 and above. Versions for iphone and other platforms are in the works.

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